Social Media and Marketing Connectivity

The main objective of a business man is to earn cash from every possible need. They want to utilize the availability of social media to make cash and think of every other possible way to link social media and marketing with each other in terms of business transactions. Their concern is to find a network which will work best for their promotion or sales and make better relations with their clients. They want to use the social network sites to cater their product to the targeted audience and gain recognition.

It is vital and greatly beneficial for businesses to use SM to promote their businesses. The gains include that the business is exposed to the customers in a different and unique manner. It will avoid the typical method of catering the products through paid advertising. Also, this will make the customers visit the website of the business so chances of selling goods are more positive and high.

Through social media and marketing, the cost allocated in marketing expenses area is quite reasonable. It is directly proportional as it varies upon the time you market your product. The domain of social media is immensely large for businessmen. They can use it for other purposes too, like to target other websites and search engines. All of these tasks are separate from the job of getting customers to the website. As a result, all of these errands will work simultaneously, not interfering in each other work space.

The use of social media is even confirmed in the report of SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING INDUSTRY REPORT where it is stated that above 60% of businesses use social media to market their products. They are on internet for 10 hours or more weekly. They are busy indulged in marketing their products, diverting traffic to the website and make strong relationships with customers; old and new.

Talks related to social media will start its conversation with any fellow mate. Some use this resource to gather more information of others or some may used to stay in touch with their family and friends.

Social media and marketing connection methodology should be a part of regular business activity. Many tasks can be done online; invitations may be send online as now technology is preferred over snail mail.

Caution should be kept on what is written on these social sites as it is visible to all friends and family members. Messages and other information should be written in a professional tone as everyone can view the information and uploaded graphics.

Business can be promoted by using Facebook and Twitter in an effective manner. Blogs are popular too as they contain links of the business’s websites to which the customers may direct to. Other business promotions should not be present in your blog as it may create issues.

For a start, Facebook forums should be visited and information should be posted there. The data available to the viewers should be accurate and reliable.

Jewelry Shopping Survival Guide For Men

When the safe and rather impersonal gifts like flowers and chocolates simply won’t cut it this holiday season, will you be prepared to actually shop for jewelry? Will this finally be the year that you hit a homerun and buy your wife, girlfriend, or daughter something she will cherish for years–or another bust where the day after Christmas is spent returning gifts that she didn’t really want? To find jewelry that she will positively love, there are five simple things that any man can do to dramatically increase his odds of finding the perfect gift, including:

  • Recon Work
  • Homework
  • Pre-Shopping
  • “Biting the Bullet”

Recon Work

If you really want to find out what she might want for her collection, then go ahead and take a look at what she already has. What pieces is she not wearing and why? In many cases, a woman will stop wearing jewelry because it is missing a stone or requires some type of repair. Also, does she already have a favorite necklace or brooch but is missing the matching earrings? Looking through the jewelry box is one of the quickest ways to find out what type of jewelry to shop for and is your surest bet at finding the perfect gift this holiday season.


Honestly, there is probably nothing more intimidating for a man than trying to buy jewelry for the woman in their life which is precisely why most men stick to simple gifts like flowers and candy. No one wants to face a salesperson knowing little to nothing about the thing they are shopping for so the best way to avoid this embarrassment is to simply learn as much as you can about jewelry. Here are some areas to study:

  • Metal Types and Their Relative Value
  • Precious Stones
  • Semi-Precious Stones
  • The “4 C’s”
  • Settings
  • Popular Trends
  • Pricing
  • Local Retailers

No one is saying that you need to spend week after week learning everything there is to know about jewelry but you will feel much better walking into the store the more you know. It’s like shopping for a car–you always feel better about the price and the car when you know something about it before getting down to the dealership. Otherwise, you never really know when you might be getting taken for a ride, right? Jewelry shopping, where a person can literally spend thousands on a tiny rock and shiny metal, is the exact same way which brings us to the next step: Pre-Shopping.


Ok, if you have already snooped through her jewelry box and have a good idea as to what she is missing or needs plus have done some homework and learned more than you ever wanted to know about stone settings, gemstones, and the like–you need to narrow down your list of places to shop. You want to find out who has the biggest selection of bracelets, rings, necklaces, or whatever you happen to be looking for and the Internet is a great place to start. Simply go to a search engine and type in the name of the city you plan on shopping plus the keyword “jewelry store”. This should pull up all of the stores in your area and you can narrow the search down even further by also entering in the type of jewelry you are looking for.

The point of pre-shopping is to avoid going to places that won’t have the items you’re looking for and to get an idea about pricing. Once you have one or two places scoped out, its time to “bite the bullet”.

“Biting the Bullet”

When it comes to a man shopping for jewelry, “biting the bullet” basically refers to actually buying a quality piece rather than opting for the “cheaper” option. Jewelry is one of those gifts that is meant to last a lifetime and symbolize a particular moment or emotion in the relationship between two people. Women love showing off their jewelry which is why men are playing with fire when it comes to potentially embarrassing their woman with some piece of cheap jewelry. Costume jewelry is fine when a woman buys it but practically a death sentence for a relationship if a man were to ever buy it as a gift for his woman.

Therefore, the best thing a guy can do is find something that she will really like and then simply “bite the bullet” and buy her something she will like AND be proud to show off to her friends and family.

A Jewelry Shopping Survival Guide For Men

Almost every woman loves to wear jewelry, but there are many men who find it very difficult to buy jewelry due to lack of knowledge. Jewelry shopping for a loved one is not exciting, but confusing for them. This article is a survival guide for men who want to buy something good for someone special. Shopping for jewelry can be a very exciting and fun filed experience for women, but it is not the same with men. It is not easy for them to buy jewelry that their girlfriend, wife or daughter will cherish forever. If you also find it difficult then there is nothing to worry because you can follow certain rules that can increase the chances of identifying a good gift easily:


Recon work

“Biting the Bullet”



For a man, nothing can be as intimidating as trying to buy a good piece of jewelry for the woman in his life. This is the reason why they prefer giving simple gifts like chocolates and flowers. But the ones who really want to make an effort and buy something special should do some homework before going to a jewelry shop. There are few areas that need to be studied like:

Precious stones

Types of metal and their values

Semi precious stones

Settings in which gems are placed

The 4 C’s of diamonds

Pattern of pricing

Trends that are popular

Retailers on a local level

It is not necessary to spend weeks learning about these factors, but it is always good to know the basics before you enter a jewelry shop, in order to get something that is special and worth your money. You can be taken for a ride by the jeweler if you come across as an inexperienced buyer.

Recon work:

Men interested in knowing what their women want, should try to observe the existent collection. If you just see her wearing gold and not diamonds then try to find out the reason behind it. Is it because she still has to buy diamonds or is it because she doesn’t like them? Sometimes women stop wearing a particular piece because of a missing stone. You can either ask her casually or take a look at her jewelry box when she isn’t around to find out what type of jewelry you should buy for her as a surprise gift that can be cherished forever.


Once you are done with checking her jewelry box and have decided what you would like to buy, do some homework about the stones and settings that you intend to indulge in and decide on few shops from where you can get a good variety. Take help from your friends or family in finalizing some shops where you can find quality as well as quantity. Even the Internet can be of some help to you in narrowing down some names. Search engines will provide you a list of jewelry stores in your area.

“Biting the bullet”:

Biting the bullet for men who want to shop for jewelry means purchasing a piece that has some quality instead of buying a cheaper option. Since jewelry represents your love and admiration and it is something that stays forever, make sure that you buy a good piece.